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Synth needs you!

Posted by gfx on May 31, 2005 at 12:54 PM PDT

J2SE 1.5 introduced a brand new look and feel called Synth. As you might already know, this look and feel is really a skin engine based on XML files. You can use it to easily create a new look and feel for your applications without having to struggle with Swing's UI delegates. The XML file format also allows you to easily generate new skins on the fly. You can give the users the power to customize the look and feel and to save their changes.

Despite its numerous qualities, Synth suffers from bugs and some features are missing. I am currently using it at Sun Microsystems to develop a new look and feel. I already ran into several problems that prevent me from implemeting the look and feel the way I want. Hopefully, I - and Scott Violet who helps me a lot to get started - will fix these problems.

The problem is we will soon reach a feature freeze state and I won't be able to easily introduce changes in the public API. That is why I ask you to help me: if you ever used Synth and encountered any missing feature or any show stopping bug, send me an email. I know the bug parade is here but I also know that it can be inconvenient for you to use it. It is also faster for me to get a direct feedback.

Please do not report all the bugs you find (especially phony ones :). I really need to know what Synth lacks *today*. For instance you can't draw a scrollbar track according to its orientation (vertical or horizontal).

Synth needs you :)

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