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2005, the Year of the Desktop?

Posted by gfx on June 25, 2005 at 1:29 AM PDT

We are living interesting times. We recently saw NetBeans rise to quickly catch up with Eclipse. And as we'll all learn on Sunday, during NetBeans Day, NetBeans even outmatches Eclipse in some area. I have been using Project Matisse for a few days and for the first time ever I actually want to use a GUI builder. Exciting tool, exciting day!

The real fun will begin on Monday at the Moscone Center with the kickoff of JavaOne. There will be plenty of very interesting talks and not only about J2EE and J2ME, but for J2SE as well. Many of them will be Desktop oriented and I'm really impatient to attend some of them. Mustang features will be covered and if you don't already know them, you'll be delighted, trust me. JDNC/Swingx/SwingLabs, JDIC and Project Looking Glass members will also be here to show you how cool desktop applications can be. They will vene show you how to easily develop them. Java on the Desktop is happening right now my friends!

We will also see two talks regarding Swing oriented books: Desktop Java Live by Scott Delap (famous for and Swing Hacks by Joshua Marinnacci and Chris Adamson. I read both of them and they really worth it. If you happen to be at JavaOne and have some insightful thoughts about Swing and Desktop applications, go attend these talks and go say hi to their authors.

You'll find me at Sun's booths showing demos, answering questions and talking about Java, Swing and UI design. Whenever you have some time, come by to say hi, I'll be glad to meet you. Also, you might want to attend Scott Violet's and Shannon Hickey's Extreme GUI Makeover in which I will talk about UI.

For those of you who cannot go to JavaOne, I say this: rejoice! bloggers will work hard to cover the sessions and keep you informed about everything happening there. Attending JavaOne without even leaving your couch makes you the lucky ones in fact :)

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