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8am, some important announcements already

Posted by gfx on June 27, 2005 at 8:05 AM PDT

It seems, after all, that Glass Fish was much much more than it looked like. Sun indeed released Sun App Server under the CDDL. We now have a new major JEE server available under an Open Source license. We Java developers are blessed, for we got an incredible choice for every kind of tool.

Oh but wait, why did I write JEE and not J2EE? Typo? Laziness? None of this, the Java brand now drops the 2 from the name: JME, JSE and JEE. Another name change, but as Graham Hamilton explains, a lot of people found the 2 confusing. I hope my readers in France (I write for a printed magazine) won't be confused by the new name. It took years to sort out the mess of JDK/J2SE SDK (finally renamed JDK) and I'm pretty sure no one ever figured out how to call J2SE 5.0 (welcome JSE 6, note the subversion is also dropped). Ah well, we'll just use the code names, at least we can remember them :)

Stay tuned for more infos and get yourself a day off to read all the blogs from bloggers.

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