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Native Look? I'm puzzled...

Posted by gfx on September 26, 2005 at 6:58 PM PDT

Important update: R. J. Lorimer has the solution!. Be damned you stupid manifest files! :)

Disclaimer: It's not in my intent to start another flame war about IDE. Also please note that, as a user, I don't care about native look fidelity. Finally, please, please understand that I' talking about the look only, not the feel.

Every now and then, when I read articles about why SWT and/or Eclipse are better than Swing and/or NetBeans, I see the same argument: look and feel fidelity is better. I love Eclipse, I don't like to program with SWT and I have to admit that the result looks closer to Windows native look and feel than Swing. Especially the feel. Yet, until last week I was running my Windows XP box with the Classic theme (that is a slightly improved Windows 2000 look).

So, tonight, I decided to take a look at the infamous file chooser. I used Eclipse 3.2 M1, NetBeans 5.0 daily 20050925, Notepad.exe and Java SE 6 1.6 b53. Here are the results:

Fig. 1. Notepad.exe

Fig. 2. NetBeans 5.0 daily 20050925

Fig. 3. Eclipse 3.2 M1

Now here is my question: did I do something wrong while configuring Eclipse? I usually run with the Eclipse 2.1 appearance but I also tried with the default. I even tried to run a clean install on a new workspace, just in case. I also find weird that scrollbars have Windows XP look but not the buttons. Is this because of SWT or because of me?

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