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NetBeans 5.0 beta and its profiler

Posted by gfx on September 30, 2005 at 1:31 PM PDT

I remember a great presentation of NetBeans profiler during NetBeans Day before JavaOne 2005 and I know I wanted to try it ever since. I finally did with the release of NetBeans 5.0 beta and I know I'll use it a lot. If you follow my blogs you know I spend a lot of time writing heavy Swing/Java2D effects. That's why I could really use a good graphical profiler to help me spot performance bottlenecks in my code. I usually rely on System.currenTimeMillis() but it's rather tedious and somehow useful only when you already suspect a piece of code to be the culprit.

NetBeans Profiler may not be as extensive as, say, JProfiler or other dedicated tools. Nevertheless, it addresses my needs and provides me an effective and straightforward UI to quickly spot heavy CPU or memory usages. The feature I love the most is the ability to monitor and analyse an application running outside of NetBeans. This allows me to start old projects or projects I run in Eclipse and monitor them in NetBeans Profiler. I guess I will start using NetBeans a bit more to benefit from the Profiler's capacity to monitor only a fragment of your code.

And as you can see on the screenshot, the UI looks really great on my Windows XP box, especially on Mustang with the subpixel antialiasing.