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JavaPolis 2005

Posted by gfx on December 5, 2005 at 2:49 AM PST

JavaPolis 2005

JavaPolis is European Java conference taking place from December 12th to December 16th in Antwerp, Belgium. This new installment will be the occasion fo attend interesting sessions by very interesting guys, like Ben Galbraith, Karsten Lentzsh, Heliott Rusty Harol, Graham Hamilton, Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter and many others. It's not as big as JavaOne but whether you like Java SE, Java EE, Open Source projects or desktop applications, you'll find what you want there. All the content from the previous years is available on the web site, so go check it out.

Richard Bair, leader of the SwingLabs project, and I will give a talk on Monday entitled Desktop Java in Action. We'll talk about SwingX, data binding, UI special effects and more. I will also present Extreme Swing on Thursday, just before Karsten's JGoodies session, to explain how to create 2.5D/3D effects with Swing and Java2D.

As a bonus, I will finally go home for a few days after 7 months in the US. I have to catch up on the food and the beer. Anyway, if you happen to be at JavaPolis next week and if you want to talk about Swing, Java2D and UI design, comme see us anytime!