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AJAX Everywhere

Posted by gmurray71 on January 23, 2006 at 4:14 AM PST

In November I had the chance to speak with developers at the JavaOne Japan event on AJAX. In Japan, there is a strong interest in AJAX and from some conversations with developers and companies following the conference I realized that AJAX really is a global phenomenon.

Last week I had the chance to speak at Apple with some of the developers from the Apple Store about AJAX and to my surprise I found out that they are already using AJAX on their production site.
If you configure the options of a Mac notice you no longer have a page refresh as the total cost is estimated on the left side bar.

This is a great example of using AJAX to enhance the user experience. Please note that I'm not selling Macs here nor do I own any Apple stock.

Currently, I am in Bangkok, Thailand to speak at the Sun Tech Days 2006 Bangkok. Registration at this event is said to be around 1800 people and James Gosling will be speaking so it should be a fun event. Stay tunned for more.

If you are more interested in AJAX and you are in the Bay Area I will be speaking at the Silicon Valley Chapter of the ACCU on February 8th on the BluePrints for AJAX running on Glassfish. Please come if you get a chance.

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