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Happy 1st Birthday AJAX!

Posted by gmurray71 on February 17, 2006 at 7:00 PM PST

A year ago I swore I would never use the term AJAX (that lasted about 3 days) as it brought to mind cleaning my sink. A year later I have to say AJAX has made the world a better place and looks to make an even brighter future.

Where has AJAX come in its first year?

  • AJAX is almost easy enough for a 1 year old - When AJAX emerged there was a lot of FUD comparing AJAX to rocket science. At Sun have shown the any Java developer can easily use AJAX, whether it be from a simple web page attached to a Servlet as described in this tech tip or a JSF component in a tool such as Creator that does all the heavy lifting.
  • Everybody loves AJAX - While many companies would not touch a 1 year old technology with a 10 foot cattle prod, AJAX is different. Like any cute baby everyone wants to embrace AJAX. Over the past year many companies have deployed AJAX enabled applications and services. Others like Sun are enabling there tools and technologies.
  • AJAX is making lots of friends - Like any active 1 year old AJAX is making many friends. AJAX does not favor any platform or technology. It gets along with everyone. As I speak with developer from all walks of life (Java, .Net, RoR, and PHP) I can speak the same language though to a non-tech savvy passer by this may appear to be a 1 year old's gibberish.
  • AJAX learned to stand on its own - Not bad for a 1 year old! During the first year of existence many frameworks have begun to support AJAX. New client and server frameworks have emerged and every day something new appears.
  • AJAX is still growing - Like any 1 year old AJAX is growing up fast. New ideas and techniques are being developed and refined on a daily basis. Maybe AJAX will learn to talk in something other than XML or JSON during it's second year?

While much more could be said about this 1 year old I'll keep this short. We should all take a moment to reflect where AJAX have been in the last year and where it's going in the year to come. Happy Birthday AJAX!

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