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Introducing jMaki - AJAX Widgets for the Java Developer

Posted by gmurray71 on May 17, 2006 at 5:45 PM PDT

jMaki is all about enabling Java developers to use JavaScript in their Java based applications as either a JSP tag library or a JSF component. jMaki uses the best parts of Java and the best parts of JavaScript to deliver a rich AJAX style widgets.

jMaki promotes a program methodology that cleanly separates behavior (JavaScript), from Styles (CSS), from template HTML. jMaki put the right pieces together using Java to render the initial page. In the case of both the JSF component and the JSP tag the inputs are the same and the output should be the same. The service behind the widget may differ if there is one.

Under the covers jMaki widgets are re-usable parameterized JavaScript widgets. jMaki makes sure the proper parameters passed to individual widget code using a JavaScript bootrapper that initalizes the widgets in a page. In the case of both JSP tags and JSF the inputs (a JavaScript/CSS/Template HTML file) produce the same resulting widget. jMaki's design makes it very easy to create widgets and support upcoming JavaScript libraries. These widgets are fully configurable in a running web application.

For more on jMaki widgets see

Geertjan's Weblog contains some useful details on JMaki. Check out Project jMaki, it is BSD and we're looking for help.

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