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Sun Joins Open AJAX Alliance and Dojo Foundation

Posted by gmurray71 on June 16, 2006 at 11:24 AM PDT

If you have not seen the news today Sun has joined the open Open AJAX Alliance and the Dojo Foundation. This is great news as it shows that Sun is serious about working with other vendors on AJAX interoperability and working with the Dojo community to make sure it continues to be the best solution for AJAX development with Java.

I'm I am very glad to formalize our involvement with our Dojo community. We have been working with Dojo for some time with our Java Pet Store Demo which is based on Dojo, our AJAX Components, and Project jMaki all of which use Dojo. Going forward I'm looking forward to contributing to the momentum of Dojo and making it even better.

With the Open AJAX Alliance our hope is to work with the community at large to insure interoperability across JavaScript libraries, AJAX solutions, and browsers. This is great for the Java and AJAX communities.

I will be participating in both communities representing Sun and my hope is continue to drive solutions that provide the Java developer the best set of options for developing AJAX based applications.

Where would you like to see the happen Dojo and Open AJAX communities?

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