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Sun and Scripting

Posted by gmurray71 on October 6, 2006 at 2:37 PM PDT

They say any news is good news so long as they spell your name straight. Quotes from me were used Sun Microsystems finds the JavaScript love to give the impression that Sun is riding the AJAX phenomenon and JavaScript to promote Java. While I will admit that AJAX has helped increase interested in JavaScript inside of Sun, the work to integrate JavaScript in Java SE 6 through JSR 223 began in June of 2003 which is long before the AJAX phenomenon. Sun is one of the first large companies to promote AJAX. See the BluePrints Solutions
Catalog for AJAX
first published in May of 2005, Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX)
With Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
in June 2005, and my very first blog Rich Web Applications with AJAX published in April of 2005 just for a few examples.

Sun is committed to supporting JavaScript. Plan see more scripting in the future from Sun. We are working with the Dojo Foundation on a great JavaScript toolkit and the Open AJAX Alliance to promote AJAX and JavaScript library compatibility across vendors . We see it important to support JavaScript developers on both the client and the server. We have Project jMaki and Project Phobos which both focus on providing tools for JavaScript developers by extending the Java platform. Sun has other solutions such as Cool Stack which may be used for scripting even without Java.

Sun is investing in other scripting languages other JavaScript such as can be seen with the hiring of two key developers in the JRuby community. With JSR 223 we can enable other scripting languages and I suspect there will be many much more to come.

What more would you like to see Sun do with JavaScript and scripting in general?

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