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jMaki Beta 1.0 is Out!

Posted by gmurray71 on December 6, 2006 at 4:15 PM PST

jMaki helps you create JavaScript centric applications by
providing all the pieces you need to tie together your applications.
jMaki provides also provides a large set of sample JavaScript wrappers for
common services and toolkits including Dojo, Flickr, Google, Mochikit, Spry, and Yahoo. Here is what jMaki provides:

  • JavaScript Runtime and Services - The and services provides the bare-bones light-weight services needed to initialize JavaScript widgets and communicate including a simple publish/subscribe mechanism.
  • jMaki Styles CSS layouts and templates to build that act as frameworks for your web pages.
  • jMaki Widget Model - A simple widget model based on HTML templates, CSS, and JavaScript. This can be used to wrap widgets from other toolkits or create your own re-usable widgets.
  • jMaki Glue - Listens for publish/subscribe events and calls shred JavaScript handlers based on the event. The code is not bound to any individual widget. jMaki Glue provides timers that can publish events or call JavaScript at a set interval.
  • Server Runtime The server runtime makes sure all CSS and JavaScript dependencies are rendered only once in a given page. The server runtime renders the templates and communicates data between the runtime and the JavaScript front end. We have server runtimes for Java(JSF/JSP),JavaScript, and PHP.
  • jMaki Injector - A JavaScript based client that allows you to bring in content from a separate URL (same domain only) and load any JavaScript/CSS from that page into the current page much like an iframe without the usability issues.

Find out more about jMaki on the jMaki home page or visit the downloads page. We recommend you use the jMaki Netbeans plugin whcih makes jMaki application development very simple. Using the plugin you can create new pages using the jMaki templates, drag and drop pre-configured jMaki widgets into a page, and configure the widgets using property editors.

Let us know what you think.

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