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jMaki at JavaOne 2007

Posted by gmurray71 on April 26, 2007 at 5:47 PM PDT

The jMaki team has been hard at work re-working jMaki into the .9.x series which now supports all of the intended 1.0 features. At JavaOne we plan to offer a release candidate. If you don't want to wait you can try out the samples from the download page. We only plan on fixing issues so you can use what is there today.

JavaOne Sessions and BOFs

  • TS-9516 Using jMaki in a Visual Development Environment - Tuesday (05/08/2007) 4:40 PM - Location : Gateway 104< - Craig McClanhan, Ludovic Champenois (a.k.a Ludo), and myself will present on the basics on jMaki and how we integrate with Netbeans and the Visual Web Pack. This is the first day and should be a good talk.
  • BOF-6012 - JavaScript Best Practices for Java Developers - Tuesday (05/08/2007) 7:00 PM - Location : Esplanade 307-310 - Eugene Lazutkin, Sang Shin, and myself will talk about JavaScript best practices. While not jMaki specific this should be a really good face to face discussion on how to write good JavaScript.
  • BOF-6876- Ajax and Web 2.0 Performance Roundtable - Tuesday (05/08/2007) 8:00 PM - Location : Esplanade 307-310 - Akara Sucharitakul, Eugene Lazutkin, Binu John, and myself will roundtable style discussion (Q&A) about performance issues you may face with Web 2.0 applications.
  • TS-6375- jMaki : Web 2.0 App Building Made Easy - Wednesday (05/09/2007) 10:55 AM - Location : Esplanade 307-310 - Carla Mott (project co-lead) and myself will present on core jMaki. This talk will give the full picture of the project and the it's potential.
  • TS-6676 BluePrints for Mashups : Strategies
    , Tips and Code for Designing and Building
    - (05/10/2007) 10:55 AM - Location : Esplanade 307-310 - Sean Brydon, Mark Basler, and myself will talk about mashups. I plan to leverage much of my experience from creating the jMaki XmlHttpProxy in the context of mashups. If you are interested in mashups and want to look beyond the FUD of web 2.0 mashups this would be a great talk to attend.
  • TS-4948 Unleashing the Power of JAX-WS RI: Spring, Stateful Web Services, SMTP, and More - (05/10/2007) 2:50 PM - Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Jitendra Kotamraju will talk about building using JAX-WS and also show how it may be used to provide JSON data to jMaki widgets.
  • TS-6807 Real-World Comet-Based Applications" - Jean-Fran
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