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All things Blinky

Posted by gonzo on October 4, 2003 at 2:56 AM PDT

Did you ever want to do things like *remotely* turn your porch light on, feed your cat or dog, water your plants or automatically feed ...

Hmmmmmm, I'm going to have to ponder on that one for a moment ...

The folks at came away from the past JavaOne
with some fresh ideas, the results of which was announced this just this week as the Global Blinker Project hosted on Project JXTA.

This is simply too cool.

The purpose of the Global Light Blinker project is to create a world-wide JXTA GlobalLightBlinker PeerGroup which will allow people to experiment with remotely controlling embedded devices through the internet using JXTA and Embedded Java.

Not a problem, and security is baked in.

JavaOne rocks:

The idea for the Global Light Blinker project came from some discussions that a few of us Embedded Java developers had with some of the JXTA developers during the most recent JavaOne. Soon after these discussions, it became apparent to us that the then-new JXTA 2.0 release had punched-through a barrier that us Embedded Java developers had been beating our heads against since 1999.

You know something good is brewing when complimentary disciplines naturally meld together to create a sum greater than that of it's constituent parts. The world could use more of this type of thinking.

Ted has even figured out a means to make available open source hardware for the next phase of the project:

The first hand-built hardware prototypes started to be assembled earlier this week and, after much searching, we have also found a company that is willing to produce the open-source/open-schematic hardware units in volume at the lowest reasonable price using university-student ... we have discovered that, while the world has embraced the concept of open-source software, this is not yet the case for open-schematic hardware.


Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: FatBoy Slim/Live on Brighton Beach/Star 69

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