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JXTA Town Hall: 2003.11.06

Posted by gonzo on November 24, 2003 at 5:30 PM PST

The recent JXTA Town Hall was informative as usual. For me, yet another <teaser>light</teaser> went off. One thing I'd like to hear more of is general P2P discussions, theories, applications complimented with JXTA implementations .. but that might be a bit of a broad topic for the occasional JXTA Town Hall. I'm not sure.

This time, IRC was incorporated to include those that couldn't attend in person. We also had Ted Kosan both on the phone line and wired in via a webcam. We need to do more in this area, stream the audio, provide a webcam, etc.

The meeting kicked of with an updated JXTA overview followed by a a great real-world presentation from Aubrey Jackson of National Association of Realtors. NAR has integrated a number of point solutions to which the aggregate results are far more enabling then any singular technology focused deployment.

Next up was a JXTA 2.2 (aka JXTA 03Q4/Timpani) release update. JXTA 2.2 is in beta now. New features include:

  • Security
  • PSE (Personal Security Environment) Membership
  • Extensible Advertisements
  • Lightweight PeerGroup
  • CBJX (Crypto based JXTA Message Transport)
  • JXTA Extension: Configurator
  • performance (PipeService, EndpointRouter)
  • a number of bug fixes

Some folks are pondering the idea of leveraging Planet Lab as a massive network with which to further test the scale of JXTA. Cool.

The JDF (JXTA Distributed Framework) was quite informative. So much so that internally we use JDF to manage the deployment of our JXTA 2.2 functional test systems removing a ton of error prone and timely systems configuration, build up and deployment processes.

Next up, Ted and I presented the latest JackNet work that Ted and his team have been working on. Here's the facts. I received 3 JackNet devices one day and put them on my desk to work with before the pending Town Hall. As things progressed I had about 2 hours to spare the day before the Town Hall and chose to dive in. As a result, I went from having a couple of lumps of cold plastic in my hands to being able to programmatically turn on and off my local light *in addition* Ted's remote light via JXTA all achieved in *30 minutes* flat and verified webcam eye witnesses! I love it when "software meets hardware" and with JXTA under the covers I'm convinced this is just the start of something good.. If your are curious check out JackNet and it's sister project Embedlets. I have seen the light.

Lastly, Brad provided an update to his work on the
Configuration Profiler that will enable a best-fit default configuration based upon the collection of environmental heuristics with examples being bi-directional network reachability, capacity, etc.

I've been busy as of late on the JXTA Extension: Configuration package which is, for the most part, an aggregation of the various yet distributed configuration utilities. With this as a baseline we should be able to up-level much of the JXTA deployment and manageability tasks.

Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: Death In Vegas/Scorpio Rising/Hands Around My Throat

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