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JXTA Bug Day

Posted by gonzo on December 10, 2003 at 3:34 PM PST

The inaugural JXTA Bug Day has been fun. Met some new folks and chatted with vetrans alike.

The best of all situations is when this *stuff* deploys, configures and renders in the "real world" relatively seemlessly ... and this has been a re-occuring comment from folks new to JXTA which happened upon JXTA Bug Day. Cool feedback has also been that it is great to have a JXTA reference implementation with which to learn from let alone use. I am a *huge* advocate of this position as well noting that this process, in turn, generates a tight and direct feedback loop into the latest/greatest JXTA release. Nothing but goodness.

Got a chance to find out what some other Java developers are doing out there. The cross Java technology synergy is, in a word, amazing. Good stuff ineed.

Chatting with JXTA vetrans during JXTA Bug Day *via* JXTA is a complete blast. They have context with regards to the early days and how far things have progressed and the opportunities that lay ahead. Can you tell I'm smiling?

The bulk of the JXTA Platform develolpers hang out on the "Bug Day channel" as well which is fun. I, for one, am glad to have thier help refining MyJXTA and the like.

Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: Orbital/The Altogether/Last Thing

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