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JXTA@LinuxWorld.NYC - "The Demos"

Posted by gonzo on January 16, 2004 at 1:53 PM PST

The demos we intend to show next week at Linux World include:

JackNet - devices

We now have a cool "crystal ball" like lamp with swirling effects, etc. that we will control
via JackNet. Upon pulling down the code I noticed that the "JackNet Clan" are aiming
towards a x10 implementation ... should be fun.

Go - JNLP link available ... no excuses

The folks at Morgan Spenser Consulting have made available a JXTA
enabled Go game that is quite snappy.

ZIM-Pro - IM

The folks at Zudha have made available an Instant Messaging application.

VistaPortal - Integration

VistaPortal showcases JXTA applied to a number of business integration scenarios.

et al - J2ME/phone, Zaurus chatting and file share

InstantP2P and PicShare are JXTA apps that enable J2SE and J2ME app collaboration.

Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: The Verve/Urban Hynms/The Rolling People

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