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Doing JXTA @ JXTA.UserGroup : 03.18@4pm PST

Posted by gonzo on March 12, 2004 at 5:32 PM PST

copied from a jxta discussion list

We'd like to try running MyJXTA[2] for the upcoming JXTA User Group. Source, binary and other packages are available on the
MyJXTA[2] home page.

Please consider running this in advance so that we can work together
to resolve any unforseen issues. Attached is a recent snapshot and here's
a feature summary:

  • group chat
  • secure 1to1 chat
  • group create/find/join/leave, open and credentialed
  • group and 1to1 chat included within every group
  • share search and publish
  • external share renderer (eg *nix/mozilla)
  • pipe/peer search (wip)
  • FreeTTS (text-to-speech) preference (on/off)
  • themable emoticons
  • message listener/filter/directive sub-structures
    • freetts
    • emoticons
    • legacy message
    • presence
  • rich content editor (wip)
  • ext:config client (port contention resolution, etc)
  • bundled with JXTA 2.2.1 Platform
  • shell option

The JXTA User Group agenda includes:

  • Community Update - Lauren Zuravleff, Sun Microsystems
  • Churrasco Update - Mike Duigou, Sun Microsystems
  • Endpoint Refactoring - JC Hugly, Sun Microsystems
  • Configurator Extension - James Todd, Sun Microsystems
  • JXTA-C BoraBora Update - Mohamed Abdelaziz & Bernard Traversat, Sun Microsystems
  • Nokia Automated Network Services, adopts JXTA - Gretel Baumgartner, Nokia
  • JackNet/x10 demo - Ted Kosan & James Todd
  • The Principal Juxtaposition and Aardvark - Juan Taylor
  • Introduction to the JXTA Profiler, Status Update on the P2P Sockets Project, and Paper Airplane - Brad Neuberg

Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: Portishead/Roseland NYC Live/Sour Times

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