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JXTA @ JavaOne.2005

Posted by gonzo on June 26, 2005 at 1:59 AM PDT

java one has begun and once again there is an ever growing list of opportunities to connect with other jxta developers to discuss project status, new applications, lessons learned, etc. good times!

for me java one started early saturday morning as i ventured up the penninsula to validate the jxta hands-on-lab for the final time. i'm extremely impressed w/ the folks who orchestrate the coordiation that goes into pulling the hands-on-labs together. it only gets better and better each year. looks like i just missed my blogging bruth'a john clingan by a smidge today. bummer. would've been nice to chat a bit. him throwing down a coffee whilst i imbibe in my personal addiction, starbuck's chai tea. hmmmmmmmmmm ... frothy. no worries, i'll see jc at the fully charged netbeans day and again at the blog brew fest. thx mink'ster, you 'da man!

drilling down a bit on netbeans day a second. i plan on attending the entire event as the agenda is chock full of great topics. a must attend event as i see it. netbeans is really a pretty amazing community. further, i am fortunate enough to be able to present, for the first time, some of the work that has kept me quite busy for the last month or so. should be fun.

right after netbeans day the jxta town hall will kick off and the agenda is fuller and more comprehensive then any that i can personally recall. this is a free event so do feel free to stop by and drink it all in. people-to-people.

another project i was fortunate enough to get involved with will be demoing on the pavillion floor. this is the NetBEAMS group, a melding of real world telementry (read sensors) via JDDAC and, of course, JXTA. More specifically, MyJXTA was leveraged as a baseline JXTA framework with which NetBEAMS specializations were realized as a plugin. The MyJXTA "code slingers" totally rocked and worked to shore up the UI and flesh out the "voice and video" communications channels. Great group of folks to work with, bar none, across the board. This type of multi-project, multi-community collaboration is extremely enabling as the resultant application context is broad, deep and very real. sharing is good!

sidebar ... can you imagine the fun i've had for the last month plus discussing 2 very distinct projects who's names differ only in one letter and sounds nearly identical ... netbeans and nebeams. fun times.

during java one i'll be working the jxta, jddac and orchestrated collaboration pods. for java one or any confernce in general, i like this part the most. well, truth be told this is a second to tipping a few but a close second none the less. this is where real one-on-one "people-2-people" discussions occur and the topics range accordingly but are all very real. no marketting hype. no killer app spiel. just real people slinging real code solving real problems. further, i learn a great deal from folks during these discussions and am amazed by both jxta's rate of adoption and ever expanding application domain. extremely fun and enabling stuff.

with jxta ... you are now free to move about the net!

well, the above touches upon my small contributions to this year's java one. i hope to meet many new faces and re-acquaint with familiar names.

get connected. share. it is good for you and good for the world in turn.

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