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Posted by gsporar on April 20, 2005 at 3:24 PM PDT

The latest NetBeans Profiler milestone was released last week. While the Profiler has become a very polished piece of software, it is still in beta (technically, Early Access is the term). And with this release there is a small reminder of that: previous Profiler milestones must be uninstalled manually before installing M6. Be sure to read the details here, where you will be told to remove some files and directories. I have created a script you can use on Windows systems to automate the process:

  del ant\nblib\org-netbeans-modules-profiler.jar
  del config\Modules\org-netbeans-modules-profiler*.xml
  del config\Modules\org-netbeans-netfluid.xml
  rmdir /s docs\profiler
  del modules\org-netbeans-modules-profiler.jar
  del modules\docs\org-netbeans-modules-profiler.jar
  del modules\eager\org-netbeans-modules-profiler-*.jar
  del modules\autoload\profiler.jar
  del modules\ext\jfluid*.jar
  del modules\ext\perf*.jar
  del modules\ext\jfreechart-*.jar
  del modules\ext\jcommon-*.jar
  rmdir /s modules\profiler-ea-libs
  rmdir /s modules\profiler-ea-vm
  del update_tracking\org-netbeans-modules-profiler*.xml
  del update_tracking\org-netbeans-netfluid.xml