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Java One, Day Three

Posted by gsporar on June 29, 2005 at 6:28 PM PDT

The weather started out much better than yesterday; the view from my hotel room this morning:


The first session I attended had an unwieldy title: "High-Performance Java Foundation Classes/Swing Technology in the Real World: Lessons Learned While Developing Yahoo! Site Builder." It was done by Ethan Nicholas of Yahoo. This was probably my favorite presentation during JavaOne: an interesting topic that was well presented. The Site Builder application is 100% pure Java. They looked at Eclipse's SWT but decided Swing was a better choice. They also decided that there was not a framework available that met their needs - so they wrote their own. Their top priority appears to be performance; they have to assume that many of their customers are using older, less powerful computers. Even differences of a half a second at startup time are enough to sway a decision; for example, the menus are specified in .properties files, not XML. This saves the time of doing the loading of the XML libraries at startup. They've gotten max. performance from Swing.

Next up was "RFID and Java Technology - a Reality," by Michael Hayward, Joe Bradley, and Peter Murray, all of whom work for Sun. I thought I understood Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) well enough to get something out of this presentation. Alas, such was not the case. I need to go find an "RFID for Dummies" presentation.

"NetBeans Mobility Pack: Living up to Developer Expectations," on the other hand, fit me perfectly. I'm still climbing the J2ME learning curve. The speakers (Karel Hernik and Matt Volpi of Sun and Thomas Bailey from SonyEricsson) did a great job of explaining the challenges of developing for mobile devices and showing how the NetBeans Mobility Pack addresses those challenges. And the demos were really cool! This presentation was a close second in my list of favorites from JavaOne.

After that I had some time to wander the Pavillion and then it was time to fly home - I won't be attending Day Four. Actually, I won't be doing much of anything while I take a much-needed vacation. I'll start blogging again in mid-July.