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JavaOne, Day Two

Posted by gsporar on June 28, 2005 at 11:27 PM PDT

The day dawned foggy. Or at least it was foggy when I got up, which was later than normal. The view from my hotel room:


After a long Day One, I decided to move at a slower pace (although as I type this, it doesn't look like I will get to bed any earlier tonight). I started with "Rich Applications with the J2EE platform and AJAX," presented by Tor Norbye and Greg Murray. I am not an expert web application developer like these guys. In part that's because I don't enjoy using web applications as much. Don't get me wrong - there are some wonderful web applications in the world, but sometimes it feels like a square peg has been jammed into a round hole. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've seen some variant of this warning message: "Do NOT use the Back button in your browser while using this application!"

Anyway, they did a nice presentation. AJAX looks like a big step in the right direction.

After the AJAX session I had lunch. When one of the people at my table heard that I work for Sun he asked me if I had known in advance about Sun's planned acquisition of SeeBeyond. I explained to him that I am not that high up on the food chain.

Lunch was followed by a brief tour through the Pavillion (so brief that I didn't even get any schwag). I headed over to Sun's office to do one last rehearsal of our presentation with Ian Formanek. Right after that we did it live: Technical Session 7330, "Profiling in the Real World." Ian is the expert, so he did the talking. All I had to do was the demos of the NetBeans Profiler. I thought it went really well. Ian made his points clearly during the presentation and the demos all worked according to plan. We got very positive feedback, but that was from friendly reviewers; we'll have to wait to see what the evaluation forms indicate.

At the end of the session we put in a plug for the Hands On Lab that I had written on the NetBeans Profiler. The lab rooms are open during most of the day at JavaOne and during that time the students are on their own. Eight of the labs were chosen for being instructor-led, however, and mine was one of those. Luckily, the start time for it was fifteen minutes after the end of the Technical Session. So I hustled on down to the lab room and set up my laptop. We had an overflow crowd, meaning some folks did not have a machine of their own. So I did the exercises and they were able to follow along that way. There were also some prizes for two of the students who answered pop quiz questions correctly. All in all, it went pretty well. Ian took a picture of me in my teacher attire:


After the lab was over it was time to party again, as had been the case for the previous two evenings. Sunday night was the post-NetBeans Day celebration. Monday night was the Sun tools group party. Tonight it was the Borland party. It was well done, but I left early to go back to the Hands On Lab room. During my teaching of the Profiler lab we ran into an intermittent problem on a few of the machines with corrupted calibration data. I had thought that cleaning out the NetBeans user directory would solve the problem, but it didn't do the trick. At the Borland party I described this to Brian Leonard who said, "Why can't you just recalibrate?" Doh! I had forgotten all about the Profile > Advanced Commands &gt Run Profiler Calibration command, so I went back to the lab room to try it out. So for those of you who got bit by that during the lab, my apologies. As has been mentioned, we're still working some of the bugs out of the Profiler, but it will be completely stable later this summer.