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NetBeans Day: Even more cool stuff

Posted by gsporar on June 13, 2005 at 10:14 AM PDT

I've written about NetBeans Day before and its excellent price: it's free. Please register in advance - it'll be easier to get you in the door that way. And remember, the first 300 in the door get a free copy of the new NetBeans Field Guide. Also on the freebie list: there will be opportunities to win free 128MB USB drives.

We've been busy nailing down the agenda for NetBeans Day. It looks like even I will get on stage at some point and do a short demo. At the very least I'll show the NetBeans Profiler in action, but I may throw in a couple of other things too. The plan is I will share some time with one of the stars of the NetBeans blogging world, Roman Strobl.

Part of Roman's demo will be Project Matisse, which has generated a huge amount of interest. The form designer in Project Matisse caught the eye of Rick Ross from Javalobby and Rick has agreed to speak at NetBeans Day.

As if that were not enough, Hideya Kawahara has agreed to talk about Project Looking Glass. His demos are always impressive, so you don't want to miss this.