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New and Improved CVS support in NetBeans

Posted by gsporar on June 14, 2005 at 7:21 AM PDT

NetBeans has supported the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) version control software for a long time now. But I have never been completely happy with how that support works. In my environment there are two major problems: it's difficult to use it from behind a firewall and it is not integrated with the NetBeans project system.

The next version of NetBeans provides a solution: completely redone support for CVS. The focus of this new functionality is on an improved user interface and integration with the NetBeans project workflow. The new CVS NetBeans module is available now from the NetBeans Update Center if you are using a recent development build of NetBeans. It is still under development so you may see issues and there are some features missing - further details are available here.

Since the current development build solves my problems, I'm using it! I gave it a try by checking out the source code for Project Looking Glass. I had been wanting to try out Looking Glass for a while now. Following the excellent instructions in Charlie Hunt's article on using NetBeans to build Looking Glass, I started by selecting CVS > Checkout, which got me this dialog:


I clicked the Proxy Configuration button and was able to specify the settings for my environment:


The Checkout wizard stepped me through the specification of the module and branch that I wanted:


And then NetBeans started pulling down the files:


The end of the process brought the best part; an opportunity to open the project:


All in all, a very pleasant experience. And there are additional features that make the new CVS support even better; check out John Jullion-Ceccarelli's blog entry and guided tour for more details.

And while I'm sort of on the topic of Looking Glass, please be aware that the lead developer for Looking Glass, Hideya Kawahara has agreed to speak at NetBeans Day. Check out yesterday's entry for full details.