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New NetBeans Profiler Milestone

Posted by gsporar on June 24, 2005 at 5:08 PM PDT

The NetBeans Profiler has been making progress for a while now. The beta program has brought in quite a bit of feedback and the development team released their latest milestone, M7, earlier today. You can download it here.

If you have been running M6 you'll want to uninstall it before installing M7. This is easy to do. In your NetBeans installation directory there is a subdirectory called _uninst. It contains an uninstaller that will remove M6.

Once you have M7 you'll see some new features. A complete list is here. One thing that caught my eye was the ability to profile an applet. NetBeans' support for applets has always been a bit under the radar, but it works really well. There is a really nice tutorial available that explains how to create/run/debug an applet. Support for applets in NetBeans is based in part on the "Run File" context menu command - that's the command you use to get NetBeans to start an applet in the AppletViewer.

With the M7 release the Profiler now supports that same construct. To test it out I used my sample demo applet. In its properties I set the JDK for it to JDK5 Update 4 (a separate blog entry is forthcoming on the importance of that). When I select the source file in the Projects window:


that makes it possible for me to then choose Profile > Profile Other > Profile "". The Profiler then starts the AppletViewer and attachs to it - all in all very easy to do.