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Project Matisse: An update

Posted by gsporar on July 27, 2005 at 2:43 PM PDT

At the July meeting of the Austin Java User's Group (AJUG) I did a short demo of Project Matisse. The goal was to build a simple Find dialog box:


There were about fifty people in the auditorium. When I asked how many had done Swing development almost half the audience raised their hand. I started out by describing the problem that Project Matisse helps to solve: creating rich client user interfaces with Java is too hard. In particular, doing all the layout work is tedious and error prone. The main purpose of Project Matisse is to simplify the task of doing layout. And most seemed to agree that Project Matisse provides value here. When I grab a control and want to position it on the dialog I get guidelines that show me where to put it:


As I built the dialog I just typed in the string literals because it is faster (I had signed up for a fifteen minute time slot). But you don't have to do it that way - you can use values from a .properties file, which I had done when I created a version of the dialog beforehand. So after building and displaying the demo dialog I showed the pre-built version, which looks the same. But since I had used a .properties file I was able to change the locale to demonstrate that the correct things happen at runtime when different strings are used:


Note: for anyone who speaks Spanish, these translations might be a bit rough - I mostly used Google to create them. Lo siento, mi espa