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New CVS support: It's in the Q

Posted by gsporar on August 26, 2005 at 2:23 PM PDT

I've written about the new CVS support before. Since that entry was posted, several things have happened:

1. The new CVS support has moved into the default product configuration; you no longer have to download a plugin. Further, it has shown up in a Q build of NetBeans. What is a Q build? Several folks (Roumen, Tor, Lukas) have described this, but it is worth repeating. A Q build is a daily build on which the NetBeans Quality Engineering team has done some non-trivial testing. They have a set of criteria that they apply to a daily build. If it passes all the tests it gets promoted as the latest Q build. This usually happens about every two weeks or so. It is important to note that these Q builds are not beta quality, but they are typically more stable than the daily builds. An example Q build report is available here and there is also a log of new features.

2. When the new CVS support moved into the default product configuration, the existing versioning system moved out in to a plugin. This is because the architecture of the new CVS support is not compatible with the old versioning system. So if you liked the "old way" of CVS support better, or if you were using the existing versioning system's support for PVCS or Visual Source Safe then with the next release of NetBeans you will also have to download a plugin. The same thing applies if you are using one of the community-supported versioning systems like ClearCase, Subversion, or StarTeam.

3. Roumen has created a Flash demo that highlights some of the new CVS features. Check it out and then let us hear your feedback - more information on that process is available here.