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The Beta Has Landed

Posted by gsporar on September 28, 2005 at 10:19 AM PDT

Wednesday, September 28th is Saint Wenceslas Day, which is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. Most of the NetBeans development team is in Sun's Prague office, which is closed for the holiday.

But some folks are working anyway so that they can deliver the beta release of NetBeans 5.0. And for that, I am thankful. I've been awaiting the beta for a while now so that I can download it and start using the new features of the NetBeans IDE on a regular basis.

I've listed most of the new features before, and it's hard to pick a favorite. But if I have to pick one thing to celebrate the most today, it's that the NetBeans Profiler is now available on NetBeans IDE 5.0. Profiler Milestone 9 (M9) was released today and it is compatible with 5.0. It has a really important change in M9. Previously, any time a thread spent waiting or sleeping was included in the CPU results, making it harder to distinguish real thread activity and pinpoint the place where the application really spends its time. The profiler now by default excludes the waiting/sleeping time from the results, with the option to turn this feature off in Custom profiling configuration.