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JavaOne Tokyo, Day Three

Posted by gsporar on November 10, 2005 at 4:08 AM PST

I had meetings in the morning, so I did not get to see the keynote address by Simon Phipps. I'm hoping John O'Conner will post a summary.

So I started out the day with a quick stroll around the exhibit floor. Since most of the material was in Japanese, I didn't learn much. I was happy, however, to see good traffic at the NetBeans table in Sun's booth.


The first session I saw was "JXTA Technology Beyond File Sharing: P2P Grows Up," by Chong Wee Simon. The JXTA standard is being used far and wide for things beyond simple file sharing. After a quick introduction to JXTA, the bulk of the presentation was a description of several different JXTA applications. The most interesting ones to me were codefarm's Galapagos, Peercom's My Personal Portal, and JuxMem.

After that I attended "Still More Programming Puzzlers," by Joshua Bloch and Neil Gafter. The new puzzlers were all based on tricky issues in JDK 5. The presentation was done like a game show, complete with six contestants. This was easily one of the most enjoyable hours of my entire visit to Japan.

I attended both of those sessions with Luis-Miguel Alventosa who works on JMX in Sun's Grenoble, France office. Luis-Miguel had done a session earlier in the week entitled "What's Happening With JMX Technology." I did not get to see it, but he said he did a demo of the excellent JMX plugin that Jean-Francois Denise has created for the NetBeans IDE.

And that brings me to my final topic: the NetBeans Profiler. Back in June Ian Formanek and I did a session at JavaOne in San Francisco called "Profiling in the Real World." We repeated it today for JavaOne Tokyo - Ian can be seen in the photo below.