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Field Guide, Take 2

Posted by gsporar on April 18, 2006 at 6:49 PM PDT

The NetBeans IDE Field Guide
was published last year right after
version 4.1
of the NetBeans IDE
was released. Version 5.0
of the
IDE has been out for almost three months now and an updated version
of the Field Guide will be available soon. In fact, you can already
pre-order the
NetBeans IDE Field Guide, 2nd Edition
or BookPool.

And what exactly will you get when you buy the 2nd edition? In a nutshell:
lots of new and updated content. The original five authors went through
each chapter from the first edition; some needed only minor dusting and
cleaning, others were enhanced considerably. For example, lead
author Patrick Keegan
added quite a bit of material to the chapter on Editing
because there were quite a few enhancments added to the IDE's editor
in version 5.0.

In addition to that, there are some brand new chapters.
Chris Webster wrote
one on the web application framework support that is new in version 5.0. And
content from some contributoring authors who are new to the 2nd edition is also
included. Martin Ryzl and Jiri Prazak added quite a bit to the chapter
on J2ME (mobility applications).
John Jullion-Ceccarelli wrote chapters on
using the GUI editor
(Project Matisse)
and on the new CVS support. Geertjan
took the lead on writing a chapter on the IDE's new tools for developing
plug-in modules. And I wrote a chapter on using the
NetBeans Profiler.

The complete table of contents is:

  • Chapter 1 Download, Installation, and First Project
  • Chapter 2 NetBeans IDE Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3 IDE Project Fundamentals
  • Chapter 4 Versioning your ProjectsNew!
  • Chapter 5 Editing and Refactoring Code
  • Chapter 6 Building Java Graphical User InterfacesNew!
  • Chapter 7 Debugging Java Applications
  • Chapter 8 Developing Web Applications
  • Chapter 9 Creating Web Applications on the JSF and Struts FrameworksNew!
  • Chapter 10 Introduction to Java EE Development in NetBeans IDE
  • Chapter 11 Extending Web Applications with Business Logic: Introducing Enterprise Beans
  • Chapter 12 Extending Java EE Applications with Web Services
  • Chapter 13 Developing Full-Scale Java EE Applications
  • Chapter 14 Developing J2ME Mobility Applications
  • Chapter 15 Profiling Java ApplicationsNew!
  • Chapter 16 Integrating Existing Ant Scripts with the IDE
  • Chapter 17 Developing NetBeans Plug-in ModulesNew!
  • Chapter 18 Using NetBeans Developer Collaboration ToolsNew!
  • Appendix A Importing an Eclipse Project into NetBeans IDE
  • Appendix B Importing a JBuilder Project into NetBeans IDENew!

So there's some worthwhile stuff in the 2nd edition. Would you like a free copy?
If you live in northern California
or are planning to attend JavaOne, then come to
NetBeans Day
San Francisco
The first four hundred people through the door will get a free copy of
the NetBeans IDE Field Guide, 2nd Edition. Seats are limited, so
register now. The event
is free and you do not have to be registered for JavaOne in order to attend.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what all those leaves and things are that are
super-imposed on top of the
NetBeans cube that is on the cover of the book... those are
works of art by the great painter
Henri Matisse. :-)