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NetBeans Flash Demos: The Lost Episode

Posted by gsporar on April 26, 2006 at 3:21 PM PDT

Starting late last year and into the early part of this year I spent quite
a bit of time helping out on modifying Sun's Java training courses
so that
they use the NetBeans IDE.
I've blogged about this
As a part of that project, I created some Flash
demos of the NetBeans Java
. The editor got some signficant enhancements in version 5.0 of the
IDE and we wanted to highlight those a bit. So several weeks ago my editor demos were
put on the NetBeans IDE 5.0 Flash Demos page.

Well, four of them were. The demo I did on the editor's feature for expanding
abbreviations into code templates had poor sound quality. So poor that
John Jullion-Ceccarelli, one of our experts on Flash demos deemed it unworthy
of the web site.

I still do not
understand why the sound quality on that demo sucked.
I used the same tool (Camtasia Studio)
to create all five demos.
Anyway, I recently re-recorded the audio and it came out okay this time. So
Ruth Kusterer was kind enough to update the NetBeans Flash demo page, where
you can now find the missing editor demo.

has suggested I use Audacity for recording sound. I tried it but had
trouble grokking its approach. Roumen has agreed to give me some lessons
next month when we are in California.

And if you have any questions for Roumen, he will be in the house on May 15
at NetBeans Day
San Francisco
The first four hundred people through the door in San Francisco will get a free copy of
NetBeans IDE Field Guide, 2nd Edition
and a free USB drive. Seats are limited, so
register now. The event
is free and you do not have to be registered for JavaOne in order to attend.