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Too Much To See

Posted by gsporar on April 20, 2006 at 6:47 PM PDT

This came in an email from the JavaOne folks last week:

NEW FOR 2006!

You must use Schedule Builder to pre-enroll to ensure you get into your preferred sessions. It is one of the best ways to make the most of your Conference experience. Sessions fill up fast, so use Schedule Builder today!

Access Schedule Builder by clicking on the URL below. Enter your registration ID number (noted above) and your email address to log in.



Space may be limited, and empty seats will be given away three minutes prior to session start. Schedule Builder allows you to enroll in technical sessions and Hands-on-Labs only; attendees will be admitted to BOF and General Sessions on a first-come, first served basis....

I filed it away and didn't think much about it. But then the other day I read
blog entry

Yakov Fain
where he said that some of the sessions were already
full. Yikes.

So I spent a few minutes over each of the last few days trying to plot my
strategy. I suspect in the heat of the moment I will end up changing my mind at the last minute
and attending other sessions (if I can get in the door).
I finished up my schedule earlier today and it was tough to make some of the
decisions. To name just two examples (out of many):

  1. Tuesday at 2:00. I would really like to see
    Mastering Mustang and Developing Dolphin
    Mark Reinhold
    At that same time, however, is Ben Galbraith with

    Eight Ways to Be More Productive Developing Swing Applications
    . I'm interested in
    both topics. I've never met or even seen either speaker, but I enjoy their blogs. So
    which one to choose? I'm currently
    leaning toward Ben Galbraith's session, but that could change.

  2. Tuesday at 5:45. I want to see
    Large-Scale Client Deployment Using Java