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Blogo Celeb Sighting

Posted by gsporar on May 15, 2006 at 9:38 PM PDT

I try stick to serious stuff in this blog. Things that I think
can be helpful to folks who are doing software development,
especially if they are using the NetBeans IDE or building on top
of the NetBeans Platform.

But this week is JavaOne. So I will deviate a bit from the norm
and at times things might get a bit irreverent. Today we
had NetBeans Day San Francisco, 2006 (more on that in
a later blog entry). And I got to meet the famous MaryMary.
Mary Smaragdis is not a technology celebrity. But she is a
blogosphere celebrity, so I experienced a blogo celeb sighting.
As Mary would say, "We are now close personal friends who
are on a first-name basis." :-)

I took a picture of Mary
taking a picture of the crowd at NetBeans Day. In other words, a meta
picture of the crowd.