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Forgot Your Admin Password? No Problem.

Posted by gsporar on June 23, 2006 at 11:11 AM PDT

A couple of weeks ago I was busy getting ready to attend JBoss World.
I was
in a hurry trying to install the latest build
of version 5.5 of the
NetBeans IDE and
installing the latest JBoss application server
and also the latest
release of the Sun Java System Application Server.
It was that final install where I messed up:
somehow I set the admin password to something other
than the usual "adminadmin." And of course, I did not know what it was because I thought I had typed "adminadmin."

Argh... I did not have time to hassle with this sort of self-inflicted annoyance. So
I called Ludo.
He said he would point me to a quick and easy solution, but only
if I blogged about it. So this blog entry is for Ludo (who I think is vacationing
in Corsica right now).

Kedar Mhaswade
describes the fix in this blog entry.
Note, this will only work if you have not hardened your system.
In other words, if you have followed the
correct precautions, this trick will not work in a production environment.

One final note: To remove the temporary domain, you can use asadmin delete-domain