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I Am Walking

Posted by gsporar on August 20, 2006 at 2:37 PM PDT

Milestone 2 of version 6 of the NetBeans
IDE was released last week. A detailed
list of new features is available here.
Along with the release of the IDE milestone,
there is also a Milestone 2 of version 6 of the NetBeans Profiler.
The Profiler
milestone has two new features: support for load testing and a
heap walker. I
have not had time to experiment with the load testing stuff yet - but it looks
interesting; more details are available

I have experimented with the heap walker, though. For a long time now the NetBeans
Profiler has had the ability to watch memory allocations on the heap and report
information about those allocations. It uses
instrumentation to do that, which
is a very powerful technique for finding some types of memory leaks. As I pointed out in my
JavaOne session,
however, sometimes you need to walk the heap. For some types of memory
leaks, it is the easiest way to track them down.

And now the NetBeans Profiler has a heap walker:


Or it has the beginnings of one. This feature is still very much under development
and is not yet complete. The profiler team would like your feedback, so send it

As evidence of their interest in feedback, the profiler team even created a separate demo
version of the heap walker - no NetBeans required. You can use web start to run it from
here. Note that
this is only a demo for the purpose of gathering feedback. To prevent people from thinking that this a supported version
or anything like that, it is time-bombed (it will only work for the next six weeks)
and it cannot read a heap snapshot that is larger than 20mb.

If you do
not want to be constrained by those limitations, just
download milestone 2 of the
NetBeans IDE and milestone 2 of the NetBeans Profiler. Neither of them has any limits :-)