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Getting the Most from the NetBeans IDE BlueJ Edition

Posted by gsporar on October 4, 2006 at 9:07 AM PDT


The BlueJ project has been around for several years now.
The best
tools tend to focus on doing a few things well and BlueJ is
a good example of that. Its focus is on teaching object-orientation
and the Java language to beginners. The
NetBeans IDE BlueJ Edition
is the result of a recent collaboration between
the BlueJ and NetBeans teams. The goal was to provide a bridge
between an instructional tool (BlueJ) and a full-featured professional
Integrated Development Environment (NetBeans).

To do that, the NetBeans team added support for some of the features
that BlueJ users are accustomed to seeing. To prevent "feature
overload" the J2EE capabilities
of the standard NetBeans IDE were removed. Further, of the
remaining NetBeans features, some of them are turned off by default. The
most noticeable of these is code completion, which does not pop up automatically as you type - you have to request it by pressing Ctrl-Space. To get the default IDE behavior, change the settings in the
Options dialog:


This allows students to move at their own pace - as they are ready for additional features they can turn them
on and start using them.
For more information,
check out the
new tutorial
by Dana Nourie. And for even
more, tune into the Sun Developer Network channel - the October episode features
stories on the NetBeans IDE BlueJ Edition.