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Mobile Monday Austin at Sun

Posted by gsporar on March 20, 2007 at 10:12 PM PDT

Mobile Monday is a
community of mobile technology enthusiasts. They have chapters
all over the place. The ring leader for the chapter here in Austin
Enrique Ortiz. A while back he
asked if Sun would be interested in sponsoring
a Mobile Monday meeting. We agreed and it happened on March 19.

The featured speaker was Stuart Marks who works in
Java ME engineering. Stuart
did a short presentation and then spent most of his time doing demos of
Sun's Wireless Toolkit. That provided an excellent transition to my
demo of the NetBeans Mobility Pack.

The Wireless Toolkit helps you test your mobile application. It provides
lots of emulators for things like location services and network servers
and what-not. But it has almost no support for actually writing your application.
That support comes from the award-winning NetBeans Mobility Pack.

All in all, it went well. There were some interesting questions and
discussion. The actual highlight of the meeting for me was
meeting Tom Corbin. He came up and introduced himself. He is a
regular out on nbusers and he
thanked me for answering one of his
I did not even realize we lived in the same city!

Many thanks to Albert Leigh for handling all the logistics for the meeting.
And to Enrique and to Marisa Sladek for bringing Mobile Monday Austin to Sun.

Photos below. Click for full size.

foodT.jpg The food table was popular, as always
esT.jpg Stuart and Enrique
sT.jpg Stuart makes the case for Java
I am almost finished building the application....