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An Integrated Profiler

Posted by gsporar on June 15, 2007 at 2:13 PM PDT

In NetBeans IDE 6
the profiler will
no longer be a separate download and install - it
is baked right in to the IDE. This is actually fairly old news - the first
milestone build of
NetBeans 6 that had this feature was Milestone 8,
as Jiří Sedláček
pointed out.
But as usual, I am running behind on my blogging....

Jiří and I along with Jaroslav Bachorík did a
technical session on integrated
profiling tools at JavaOne
earlier this year. Not surprisingly, we chose
to use the NetBeans profiler for all our demos. The idea was to show that
the advantages of an integrated profiler extend beyond just ease of installation
and setup: you get better features too. For example, an easier
way to choose which methods should be profiled.

If you missed our session at JavaOne you can download the
presentation slides
or even better, come to my session
at Jazoon in Zurich. And if you happen to be in Zurich
later this month, be sure to attend NetBeans Day Zurich.
It is a free event, but
you do have to register.