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What Happened to My Shortcuts?

Posted by gsporar on September 11, 2007 at 7:28 AM PDT

The beta release of NetBeans 6.0 is scheduled to appear next week.
As more and more long time users of NetBeans try out 6.0, I
suspect many folks will be surprised to learn that some of the keyboard
shortcuts have been changed.

Which leads to the natural question: Why? The answer is that
the overhaul of the IDE's editor infrastructure provided an opportunity
to add new features. There were so many new features that it became
difficult to find available keyboard shortcuts. That realization
led to a thorough examination of the existing keyboard shortcuts
which then led to the changes.

As an example: one of my favorite shortcuts was Alt-Shift-F which used
to Fix Imports in the current source file. In NetBeans 6.0, however,
Alt-Shift-F cleans up the formatting in a file. To do a Fix Imports
I have to use Ctrl-Shift-I. Which I suppose does sort of make more sense -
after all the key concept in this function is "Imports" not "Fix."

You can change the keyboard shortcuts using Tools >
Options > Keymap. In addition to the default keyboard shortcuts, NetBeans
6.0 includes several profiles of keyboard shortcuts. If you want the
old NetBeans shortcuts, select the profile
named NetBeans55:



Note, however, that if you choose the NetBeans55 profile then some of the
new features will not have keyboard shortcuts defined - you will have to
assign shortcuts for them. On the left is the Source menu when the
NetBeans55 profile is selected and on the right is the same menu using
the default profile.

55source.png 60source.png