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Is That Shortcut in Use?

Posted by gsporar on March 9, 2008 at 5:20 PM PDT

How can I find out whether a particular keyboard shortcut is assigned
to an action in the NetBeans IDE?
That question was posted by davenull in a
on my blog
entry last month about Hippie Completion.

I will admit up front: the answer I provider here is a hack.
As Brian Leonard points out in this
IssueZilla entry,
the IDE should have better support for this feature.

Let's say
you are wondering whether or not Ctrl+Shift+Period is assigned to
an action. Select Tools > Options > Keymap.
You will see a list of the types of actions:


In order to find out whether Ctrl+Shift+Period is assigned, you need to
attempt to assign it to an action. The easiest way to do this is to
try to assign it to an action that does not currently have a keystroke

Expand the entry for Help and select the entry for About
and click the Add button:


That brings up the Assign Shortcut dialog, where you can type
in Ctrl+Shift+Period. If the keystroke combination you type in
is already in use, the IDE will tell you to which action it is
assigned. In my installation, that keystroke combination
is already assigned:



you mean Netbeans doesn't fully support that yet? JBuilder had it way back around the year 2000...

I mean, shortcut search feature ...

it seems clear the shortcut feature is a next feature this popup should contain ;)

Try this module to explore the shortcut to action bindings - forward and reverse.