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TopLink Essentials 2.0 and maven repository

Posted by guruwons on February 17, 2007 at 2:37 AM PST

TopLink Essentials 2.0?

TopLink Essentials(GlassFish JPA implementation) now come to have a new
version 2.0. But, don't be surprised, this is just versioning change from 9.1.
TopLink Essentials 2.0 and 9.1 are the same version.

Originally TopLink Essentials had a version like 9.0(GlassFish v1),
9.1(GlassFish v2) after the version of Sun Java System Application
Server. Since TopLink Essentials is an independent framework which
can be used without GlassFish(SJSAS) container, it doesn't need to be
tied to SJSAS version. Also it could be top-level
project later, TopLink Essentials team decided to use new versioing policy.

This versioning change is applied to the recent build (b36) in GlassFish v2[1], that is 2.0-b36.

Maven repository

Now you can download the latest binaries and sources in the
maven repository!

The POM will look like below:


Download it manually or use maven dependency mechanism with above
groupId and artifactId.

As you can infer, the latter version fragment (after dash) is build number (e.g. 36 in
above). This build number is same as GlassFish build number. From
now, every builds after b36 will be published to the repository.

To check version statically, see META-INF/MANIFEST.MF inside
toplink-essentials.jar file and you will see like below.

Implementation-Version: 2.0-36 (02/17/2007)

To check version in runtime, find the log printed by TopLink Essentials
like below.

[TopLink Info]: ...TopLink, version: Oracle TopLink Essentials - 2.0 (Build 36 (02/17/2007))

With this versioning change TopLink Essentials in GlassFish v1(SJSAS 9.0)
might be called as TopLink Essentials 1.0.

toplink-essentials-agent.jar is deprecated

There is also a notable enhancement[2] after 2.0-b36.
toplink-essentials-agent.jar file is no longer needed. There were two
jars files - toplink-essentials.jar which contains JPA API classes
and implementations, and toplink-essentials-agent.jar which contains javaagent. The agent jar had been
used for users who want to use lazy-fetching feature in Java SE mode[3]. Now the
agent facility is integrated into toplink-essentials.jar. So you can do like below.

$ java -javaagent:toplink-essentials.jar client.Client

For existing users, toplink-essentials-agent.jar will be provided continuously for
the time being.

It's really convenient that we just need to carry one jar file
toplink-essentials.jar for JPA programming.

Hope you enjoy TopLink Essentials 2.0!



[3] The innermost secrets of -javaagent:toplink-essentials-agent.jar

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