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Create mobile applications with drag and drop

Posted by gvix on June 27, 2005 at 5:55 PM PDT

I am a little ambivalent about using the new mobility pack from Netbeans. The visual mobile designer for creating MIDlets is an interesting concept and looks darn good. But my hesitation stems from my previous forays with drag and drop visual editors for creating desktop applications and I dislike the amount of extra code that these editors put in. You know the ones, where the comments include a warning “Do not modify this code in the code editor”!

The Visual Mobile Designer for MIDlets seems to do just that. Several pieces of linking code that come with the dreaded warning. It is a good option for small, simple MIDlets, but for larger projects you seem to lose the flexibility.

I think I will be sticking with the code editor for now. But hats off to the Netbeans developers for an aesthetically pleasing and innovative idea.

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