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Nokia joins Eclipse for J2ME development

Posted by gvix on September 28, 2005 at 4:40 PM PDT

Nokia has decided to join the Eclipse project as a board member and a strategic developer, whatever that means.

Sorry, I know what it means. a) it gives Nokia veto power over Eclipse's J2ME environment and b) it allows Nokia to push its own developer tools for J2ME development.

I know that a large percentage of J2ME development is targeted for the Nokia devices. Ok so they do have the best J2ME toolkit and besides, they have the largest customer space. Nevertheless, something bothers me with this apparent monopoly that is going to happen on the Eclipse development environment. How will it work out in the end for developers using Eclipse for J2ME development and targeting multiple manufacturers? What happens to EclipseME? The press release is silent on these issues.

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