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Making it easy for everybody

Posted by gvix on October 20, 2005 at 5:40 PM PDT

Yes, I am confused about which way to go with Java.

I just read this article .

On one hand, the keepers of the Java flame are making the language harder and harder to understand and use (Generics anyone?). On the other, Bruce wants it so simplified that he wants it to read like spoken English ("Ruby may not be to your liking, but it's a pretty clean language, and it's much closer to English than Java."). Like English?

No hablo inglés

Yes, for those who don't understand Spanish (neither do I) the sentence above reads "I don't speak English". So is there a Ruby in Spanish? It gives "programming languages" a whole new meaning. :)

What are we doing? When a programming language matures, and Java has matured, it provides cannon fodder for people to take it in new directions. Some want it to attain a level of maturity that will only make sense to die hard fanatics, while some want to make it as simple as chips. I ferverently hope that I will never have to take sides and be able to maintain a sensible level, because I have a strong dislike for both directions in which Java is being pulled right now.

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