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Handy tool for Mobile Device Information

Posted by gvix on November 6, 2005 at 3:00 AM PST

Any J2ME developer knows that the promise of write once and run anywhere, like the J2SE promise, is based on marketing genius and little, if any, factual grounds in reality. If anything, it is, worse for J2ME (or Sun Java ME) because there are so many different manufacturers/operators and implementations that it is practically impossbile to put your application out without actually trying your application out on those said devices.

With this in mind, the Mobile Device Information project being run on is an excellent, comprehensive and searchable source of information for different devices. It is a Java application that is run via Java Web Start, uses the WURFL database and is maintained by Jim McLachlan.

If you have Java installed on your machine, you can run the file here. The homepage for the project is here.

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