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What bugs you about J2ME?

Posted by gvix on November 7, 2005 at 3:42 AM PST

In a post from couple of days back, I blogged about the massive market that Nokia has announced for J2ME applications. The comments on that post are mostly pessimistic. Most developers are unhappy with the state of J2ME, with anger directed towards Operators, Manufacturers and Sun equally. This is not an isolated case. Previously, when I had blogged about raising interest in J2ME, I had got the same complaints.

So what is wrong with J2ME? What would you like it to do? What are, as developers and companies, our options? More importantly, what are the solutions to make it a dominant player in the handheld applications market?

Maybe, if we verbalize our angst enough, we will get solutions.

I look forward to the comments.

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