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The beef is with ...

Posted by gvix on January 18, 2006 at 4:12 PM PST

*started this as a comment in response to Dependency hell*

-- the fact that I know I could do the same project two years back with Struts and a handful of Commons libraries.

-- the fact that a newbie to Java will recoil with horror at the number of concepts he has to learn to do anything meaningful. Where would you start a newbie on a project like this? (Don't tell me that you won't hire a newbie to join this project. All of us don't have the luxury or the money to hire seasoned professionals)

-- the fact that there are 21 major dependencies, but when I count the total number of actual jars that figure is actually 102. That's 102 libraries not including the JVM and definitely not including the actual project libraries. So before I start the project, I must know how 102 different things work, how they interface in my project, what parts of these 102 libraries are most useful to me. Surely, there is something wrong here? Surely, my project, before it starts, does not hog 26 MB of disk space?

-- the fact that I wasn't actually complaining about joining this project because of the dependencies, but surprised that dependencies in Java have taken over any meaningful project development because of lack of support in the actual Java language (See second last line in the previous entry)

Well on with the project. So where should I start first? I know Struts. So should I carry on to Spring and learn IOC? or should I understand Hibernate first and see how that will apply to my project? Umm.. maybe Velocity because presentation is important. No wait.. I am a bit scratchy on Axis..Darn, what about the actual business cases and the project? Hey who's coding that?

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