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What does the 'new version of Java for mobile' announcement mean?

Posted by gvix on February 26, 2006 at 5:21 PM PST

A little over a week ago, this news item had me intrigued about the release of a new version of Java for mobile phones by middle of this year. Not finding any independent corroboration, I dismissed it as irrelevant, till Sun itself used this news item as the basis for a press release.

I have read the news items but I don't understand the implications.

Is there a new version of MIDP imminent? As per JCP, MIDP 3.0 (which is the next profile in line for mobile phones after MIDP 2.0) doesn't even have an expert group yet, let alone think of a specification.

Is there a new version of the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit coming out? Again, it doesn't make sense. First, version 2.3 of the toolkit was released not long ago in beta. Second, it is a development environment, not a runtime environment, so phones with this technology can't be due for release in the end of 2006 or early 2007 (unless it means that applications that you can test on this environment will be able to run on phones due out end of this year or early 2007 - a very convoluted way of making a point, which is wrong in any case, as there are several phones that have the capabilities discussed already).

If any reader here works at Sun and is in a position to find out details could post them in comments, it would benefit us a lot? What exactly is coming out by mid-2006?

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