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FTPOnline special report on Java ME

Posted by gvix on April 22, 2006 at 1:40 AM PDT

FTPOnline has published a series of articles on Java ME development. There are some good articles here, especially if you want to sell Java ME to your boss or in your enterprise. Martin de Jode's article on Efficient MIDP for Symbian-Based Devices is well written and contains good tips, although I couldn't figure out why the same tips won't apply to non-Symbian devices (On that note, most tips would apply to any Java development). Michael Yuan's article on Java ME is an introduction to newbies from a non-technical perspective and is a good but predictable read.
Nokia is strongly featured with two articles on developing across the Nokia platform, first with the enhancements to Forum Nokia, and second, with advancing Java on Series 40, which covers some of the useful series 40 API's.

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