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Help me win a coffee mug!

Posted by gvix on April 3, 2006 at 7:22 PM PDT

Update 22nd April 2006: Thank You to everybody for helping me get the second place and win the much coveted mug!

Of course, by winning the coffee mug, I will be a more productive blogger and wake up from my blogging slumber.

This is not entirely a blog entry for personal gain (so you can't boot me off Chris!). I am helping to spread the word of this worthwhile competition. As a previous winner (3rd prize still allows me to call myself a winner. Snif.) I have seen the benefit that this comeptition can bring to no-name software developers and students with half decent ideas.

So.. if you click on the image below, I get points that will help me win a coffee mug. But in the bargain, you get to know of this useful competition for Java ME (OK! J2ME) applications run by Sun and BenQ. A fair trade, I say. Click away!

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